Gerardo Martinez
Banking Loan Officer


Gerardo Martinez

Banking Loan Officer

Gerardo Martinez is a lender at TFNB Your Bank for Life. His family is originally from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. They got the opportunity to come to the states when Gerardo was 5 years old. Gerardo grew up playing football in Gatesville, Texas. He knew from an early age that he felt called to help others.

“I remember playing football and seeing others getting disappointed when a play didn’t go their way,” says Gerardo. “I remember asking them ‘How can I help you?’ Now that I’m older, I see that I have that niche of always trying to help people out.”

It was a long road that brought Gerardo and his family to Waco. After high school, Gerardo pursued his passion for music. He studied audio engineering and became a DJ. Gerardo eventually moved to Austin where he worked for a radio station.

“I got to meet a lot of really famous people,” says Gerardo. “I started from the bottom working the graveyard shift and running the mixer. I was just excited and wanted to help out.”

From Austin, Gerardo got married to his wife Isabel and moved to Houston. He opened a liquor store with his cousin and learned the ins and outs of running a business. That’s when Gerardo’s interests switched from music to finance.

“It was interesting seeing all the things that had to come together for a business to succeed,” said Gerardo.

Ultimately, Houston was too far away from family, and Gerardo came back to Central Texas. At his wife’s urging, he started pursuing a career in banking. She saw that his people skills and drive to help would make him perfect for the job.

“Even when I ran the store,” says Gerardo, “My cousin would say, ‘People come here because they like to chit chat with you. It’s just something about your personality.’”

When Gerardo’s wife Isabel got a job at TFNB Your Bank for Life, Gerardo soon followed. He’s now been with the bank for seven years. He’s always trying to bring more value to the community as a lender. Gerardo also likes helping connect the Hispanic community to resources the bank has to offer to help make Waco a better place for everyone who lives here.