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Schleicher Law Firm: A Family’s Commitment to Public Service and Community

David Schleicher is a dedicated individual who has been providing his legal services to the Waco community for nearly 30 years. His commitment to community involvement and public service is evident in his family, with his wife and daughter also choosing careers in the nonprofit sector, reflecting the values they share. 

As a practicing lawyer who owns his own law firm, Schleicher Law Firm, Schleicher’s sister also works at the law firm, showing a strong family connection to the legal profession. This commitment to public service and community involvement is a value that they have instilled in their family and continue to uphold. 

Schleicher’s involvement in the Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce highlights his dedication to supporting local businesses and community development. He finds it essential to help businesses grow economically and become more engaged in the community. 

“I think [the chamber] does a great job of helping businesses grow economically and get more involved in the community,” he says. 

Despite originally not expecting to live in Waco again after growing up in Austin and attending Baylor for both his undergraduate and law school education, Schleicher’s connection to the community is strong. He has deep roots in the area, as his mother moved to Waco when he attended Baylor, and she pursued advanced degrees and a career as a librarian at the university. 

Schleicher’s law practice primarily serves nonprofit clients in Waco, focusing on legal issues related to nonprofit employment, leases, and minimizing litigation. His involvement with the Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and his dedication to community engagement illustrate his commitment to the betterment of Waco and its residents. 

He is also excited about the upcoming Café y Pan Dulce event and remains active in the chamber, emphasizing the importance of staying involved in community activities. Public service and community engagement are values close to his heart, and they continue to guide his career and personal life. 

I enjoy being in the same building as the chamber and seeing all the people come in and learn about the businesses they work with,” he said. “I hope to be a part of more events.”

In summary, David Schleicher’s story is a testament to the importance of community involvement. The value of family-driven public service, and the potential for professionals to make a difference in their local communities. His journey serves as an inspiration for those looking to balance their careers with giving back to the community.

Gennesis Gonzalez

Gennesis Gonzalez is a communications intern at the Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She studies professional writing and rhetoric at Baylor University. Her areas of focus are writing, research, communications, and marketing. Originally from Houston, TX, Gennesis has previously worked as an administrative assistant at EIC Surveying and a communications intern at Advance Economic Strategies.

As a professional writing student at Baylor University, she has helped nonprofit organizations with their communications needs. Working in the nonprofit sector fulfills her need to help the community. As a writer for the Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, she finds fulfillment in meeting members of the community and writing their stories.

When Gennesis is not working or in school, she's out in the community trying new restaurants or spending time with her two chihuahuas, Francesca and Camila.