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In an effort to bring job opportunities to more applicants effectively, Cen- Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and WPMG JobXpress offer an Online Job Fair. This service also offers a more economical way for employers to reach more applicants.

The Online Job Fair Service offers:

  • a more economical way to reach applicants
  • information allowing applicants to make informed decisions
  • ease of posting jobs for the employers
  • no deadlines for the employers to post
  • a public URL link for texting/emailing to potential applicants
  • video taping assistance (for a one time fee)
  • company branding for an employer’s page
  • easy uploading of summary job description and job video 
  • access for applicants to download a job posting
  • service at half the price of normal employment advertising
  • a downloadable job announcement to applicants‘ computers, phones and tablets
  • job posting availability to applicants 24/7

Prospective Applicants

WPMG presents a special group of applicants demonstrating their skills, education and abilities. Take a moment to see what these individuals have to offer. You will be able to review:

  • A snapshot of their Summary of Qualifications
  • A full resume
  • A video presentation of the applicant telling their own story


After reviewing a candidate, an employer can either email the applicant directly or arrange with CampusJobXpress to have a face-to-face interview. Save time and money by using this most efficient tool!


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