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Breaking Barriers: Nancy Pulcine Finds Success in the Male-Dominated World of Trucking Insurance

Running a business, raising a family, and being involved in the community keep Nancy Pulcine’s schedule packed, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. After working in insurance for nine years, Nancy decided it was time to start her company in the male-dominated field of commercial trucking right here in Waco.

“The biggest thing for me was flexibility…being a mom and being present in my daughter’s life,” Pulcine said. “I didn’t like asking permission at work to attend my daughter’s school events.”

After talking to her husband about starting a business in 2019, they finally decided to take a leap of faith and start their insurance company, National Parkway Insurance Group, in March 2020. 

“We launched our business, and two weeks later COVID hit, but insurance is required for transportation. We were fortunate that corporate businesses were booming, so that meant insurance was going to be something people were buying,” Pulcine said. 

With the start of COVID, Pulcine’s business was forced to work remotely while her three children stayed home from school. The entire family got to work together and pitch in with whatever they could offer, bringing the family closer together through the family business. Her daughter was offering to staple documents together and help anywhere she could. The company works all over Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, and although Pulcine enjoys the opportunities provided, she prefers to stay local, where her family and friends reside. 

“I’m very much involved in the community; we do the Dia de los Muertos parade, getting people to participate as vendors and [in] sponsorships,” Pulcine said. “I would like to think that it’s my love for helping in everything I can. To see our community come together to show them the resources available and how we can help one another brings me so much joy. I think Waco is amazing. It provides the ability to bring us together.” 

Pulcine’s participation in the community extends beyond the reach of her business. She has joined the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to focus on connecting with the Hispanic community in Waco. Throughout the years, she stayed involved with the community and the chamber, but once she heard Andrea Kosar was leading the organization, she decided to get more involved. 

“We have the chance to be represented. To have a female lead is incredible for me. I’m a trucking specialist, so we do a lot of transportation, and people say, ‘Well, that’s a male-dominated world,’ so to see a female lead the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is really wonderful to see that and join forces to help other businesses. When Andie (Andrea Kosar) took over, I’d seen so many more businesses come together,” Pulcine said. 

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has helped Pulcine connect with other members of the community through events and community gatherings. This allows her to speak about her business and learn how she can help others. 

“I’d like to think that all members are ambassadors for the Hispanic Chamber, when asked about the benefits of joining I love answering that question and I encourage people to join.” she said. 

After leaving Waco briefly, Pulcine found her way back home. She was born and raised in Waco, so starting her company here was a natural fit for her. She decided to join the chamber to connect with other Latino business owners in Waco. 

“I am from Mexico, a proud Latina, and I wanted to see what was out there to support other businesses.”

Gennesis Gonzalez

Gennesis Gonzalez is a communications intern at the Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She studies professional writing and rhetoric at Baylor University. Her areas of focus are writing, research, communications, and marketing. Originally from Houston, TX, Gennesis has previously worked as an administrative assistant at EIC Surveying and a communications intern at Advance Economic Strategies.

As a professional writing student at Baylor University, she has helped nonprofit organizations with their communications needs. Working in the nonprofit sector fulfills her need to help the community. As a writer for the Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, she finds fulfillment in meeting members of the community and writing their stories.

When Gennesis is not working or in school, she's out in the community trying new restaurants or spending time with her two chihuahuas, Francesca and Camila.