The Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce welcomes the community to join the fun and be part of our growing success. With limited staff and expanding programs, we appreciate your help. There is definitely an opportunity to showcase your skills and talents.  Please browse the following options and contact Ivon Mendoza for additional details.



The Chamber has several opportunities for local citizens to complete mandatory community service hours.  Most typical tasks include property maintenance and general cleaning.  Some office tasks such as filing, member packet assembly, data entry, and bulk mail-out production are available as projects or programs deem necessary.  High School students may have additional opportunities by serving as greeters and logistics runners at special events.


The Chamber has a variety of programs and special events providing valuable opportunities for young professionals and community supporters.  Working on various projects allows individuals to broaden knowledge and hone existing skills while showcasing expertise.  Serving as a registration assistant, decorator, or logistics assistant at annual events allows individuals to choose specific parameters and structured times that meet their schedules and preferences. Donating a few hours of office work answering phones or facilitating services frees staff to travel the community meeting members and finding new resources.


The Chamber recognizes that tomorrow’s success lies heavily on today’s top students. The Chamber fully appreciates our higher-level education partners for the quality students they produce every year.  The Chamber has a limited number of internships available each year. Junior and Senior College Students requiring internship credit to graduate are encouraged to submit a project for consideration.


Chamber Ambassadors are the life of the party. Ambassadors enjoy volunteering with small allotments of time, no commitment, no meetings, no paperwork. All that’s required is a flexible schedule and a friendly hello.  Ambassadors participate in a variety of events such as Member Ribbon Cuttings, Chamber Special Events, and local volunteer projects such as Feast of Sharing or Habitat for Humanity.

Advisory Council Members provide powerful knowledge and expertise to Chamber projects.  They help Chamber Leadership & Staff identify opportunities, processes, and solutions to create successful outcomes.  Council Members may be asked to meet to discuss current topics, but are not required to attend formal board or strategic meetings.  Most communication is managed by email and phone.