“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” —  Henry Ford

You may have noticed our newsletter, The Cinco Express, proudly features a majestic yet formidable locomotive racing forward with a vista brilliantly lit in golden rays. The engine is a great metaphor for the Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber. Like that engine, the Chamber enjoys a historic past charting new territories and bringing people together, but also proves its place in today’s modern times of economic commerce and global connection. The Chamber is always moving forward to new opportunities, but gladly welcomes anyone to join the adventure and enjoy the ride. It’s the perfect time to jump on board.

Chamber membership is open to any adult working or living in Central Texas and beyond. You may walk in a stranger, but you’re guaranteed to meet an old friend or colleague. Chamber membership is well diversified by economic interests, social concerns, and personal demographics so there’s always something new to learn or experience.
Approximately 20% of all Small Business, Corporate, and Non-Profit Memberships are maintained by Hispanic business owners or upper-level managers.


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Chamber membership gives every individual an equal voice. All Members are showcased in the newsletter free of charge. All Members have the opportunity to be interviewed on Noticias free of charge. Member promotions and achievements are eagerly publicized via social media free of charge. Everyone is welcome at the monthly luncheon, reservations not required. The Chamber maintains an open door policy welcoming your feedback and concern. Every member provides a significant contribution to our success, and deserves our time and consideration.
Chamber membership gives you direct access to the local Hispanic community. According to the US Census Bureau, nearly 30% all people residing in the Cities of Waco and Bellmead are Hispanic or Latino. Waco ISD reports a student population nearly 60% Hispanic. The Chamber has solid relationship with city leadership, school officials, and local clergy lending you a reliable grassroots communication platform that delivers results.

Chamber membership is the perfect investment if you want to expand your network, increase your referrals, or improve your skills. Annual fees are minimal to help your bottom line. Event Sponsorships are thoughtfully designed to help you budget your community investments wisely. Networking events are held on a consistent calendar schedule to help you plan your time productively. Volunteer opportunities are plentiful to catch your interest and availability. Chamber membership adds value to what you already do, so less work and greater rewards.


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